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We are revolutionizing everything related to lending. Simply moving the power away from the bank to you. MetaLend is a hybrid lending solution backed by a decentralized marketing, open-source blockchain with funding functionality.

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Requesting a loan online has never been easier. No lines, no paperwork and best of all? Within minutes, you can request a loan of up to $10,000 for personal loans, from the comfort of your own home. If one of our lenders is interested in working with you, you’ll be notified to review your loans terms electronically via the lender’s website. See, we told you it’s easy!

MetaLend has access to several loans/grants through our blockchain investors and lenders. We streamline the old bank's business model, so that you who borrow or save get more out. Together we build an effective digital banking challenger. One with decent conditions for everyone. Whether you borrow or save money, someone benefits from it. Most often it is the old bank, where the conditions are seldom fair. We want to change that. Therefore, we give better interest rates to you who borrow, and help you lower it further. By renewing the old bank's inefficient business model, we also help you who save to earn more in a simpler and smarter way. Along with those who we can give, we will give. No one should have to pay for someone else's cumbersome systems and processes. Since June 2021, MetaLend has been working to build the leading digital banking experience. We offer simple and easy-to-understand banking services completely without unnecessary fees to hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

At the moment MetaLend is simply a hybrid lending solution that enables its users to pick and choose from private loans and grants. However, our goal is much bigger and want to make a whole new overview of modern banking with hybrid lending with no hidden fees. We live and breathe to create an infrastructure designed to multitude of ways by simplifying the investing process and building a strong and varied portfolio.

Tokenization also allows us to streamline and compress the time it takes to raise equity capital for our lending projects. This enables the process that traditionally takes many months to complete and requires many intermediaries and a lot of tedious paperwork can be shortened into days or weeks at lower cost. By finding these blockchain investors we are able to lend money, the possibility of 24/7 liquidity for online lending can now be a reality.