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After spending hours applying for financial aid help on other sites, I come across MetaLend, finally!

The most convenient lending platform ever. As an international student, it's difficult to find grants/loans with low interest rates that I may be eligible for. MetaLend makes it super easy to not only find those opportunities, but apply for them quickly.

Compared to other grants and loan websites, MetaLend is the easiest to navigate and use. It provided me with the most opportunities to help financially aid my college education. To anyone that wants grants, do yourself a favour and use it.

Searching and applying for loans can prove frustrating and time consuming. I truly appreciate how the MetaLend streamlines both processes.

The ability to apply with a simple click allowed me to apply to more scholarships than I had on any other platform. Not to mention the website is sleek, and super simple to use!

I wish I knew about this company earlier. I'm in my third year of college and it was nice to work with MetaLend to secure myself a loan plus grant, along with that the repayment program is catered towards my time.

The simplicity of the application process provided me with a peace of mind knowing that I'm in these though financial times there is one less burden I have to worry about with MetaLend's grant services.

MetaLend I absolutely love your service and the simplicity and professionalism of your team. Across our multiple business lines, we managed to receive loans to help us expand quicker and faster.

MetaLend has been an excellent experience. Getting set up was very easy and the payments are made to my loans on time. Knowing that I will be out of student loan debt significantly faster than originally planned has been a huge relief.

MetaLend has helped so much with the loan application process and got me approved and ready to close my deal within 48 hours.

I absolutely am in love with this program and I would recommend it to everyone. I think that it is such a helpful and organized way to guide students through the grants or loans process. As a student, my biggest challenge was finding these grants and the information to go along with them. MetaLend requires no personal information, no writing and no bullshit. It’s straight to the point, thank you so much to the MetaLend team.

This is a hidden gem for students out there! MetaLend tremendously supports its students in a timely manner and promotes an inclusive environment. I would highly recommend this for you to maximize your potential in achieving financial freedom.

Amazing service and super efficient team have gotten me right on track to apply and learn how this process work.

MetaLend has a great team constantly keeping me posted on updates with my loan process. My husband and I felt so much calmer with the team's support and assistance through the mortgage journey. I recommend it for all newly married couples & families looking for a reliable and quick mortgage solution.

MetaLend is one of the best decisions I’ve made entering my second year at University of Toronto. Once I got pre-approved and received my grant after the second approval process, MetaLend managed to send the money directly to my institution the following day. Literally the easiest grant I’ve applied to.

I am extremely stressless after I came across MetaLend, as a parent of two teenager boys heading to collage MetaLend was able to offer me grants covering their first year tuition, I’d recommend their service to any parents looking to support and help their kids out and make their life easier.

Really amazing program, MetaLend made my experience in getting a loan straightforward and simple, no information was required until after I got my pre-approval verified by the lender.

Without MetaLend, our journey in grants would be non-existent as applying for grants can be overwhelming and stressful. MetaLend made things easy for me by keeping things quick and simple but got me results quickly.

I was skeptical at first because I though we could find grants ourselves, but MetaLend account managers helped us find the perfect grant for my daughter. The process was fairly simple but took around 2 weeks to secure $14,000.

For being a full-time student it was difficult for me to manage my time to apply for grants. After I applied with MetaLend they managed to secure me a $20,000 grants that covered my tuition and living expenses.

Totally professional experience. Everything was processed online, from our first conversation until it was completed. My lending experience was straightforward and required necessary information to complete any application.

With the help of MetaLend we were able to grow and scale our business in ways we wouldn’t have imagined possible. The impact on our business has been phenomenal. We’ve been able to grow our level of expertise and insight to make better business decisions. We’ve also been able to grow our operations to another level of professionalism and client experience.

My experience with MetaLend has been amazing! I simply went on their website and applied about a month ago. Prior to my application, a representative I was dealing with, Amara, explained what the process would be throughout the different stages. I have little to no borrowing experience, so having the process explained to me in a way that had me fully understanding played a big role in my decision to push through with the application.